Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Idioms and Phrases in Thanjavur Marathi (1)

Thanjavur Marathi is rich in idioms and phrases. A lot of phrases are used in common everyday language freely. On studying this preserved language one wonders at the richness of this language conserved with all its idioms!
I humbly present a few of the idioms used and hope to hear of more from my readers...

खपट नही ...  KHAPAT NAHI
An innocent person is described so. A person who is not street smart and does not know the ways of the world.

घान्तोड बांध ...GHAANTOD BANDHA
Pack off. That is what this phrase means. As explained by its meaning "pack off" this phrase is used negatively. Pack off and leave.
Exact Meaning: Tie a bundle. Probably derived from ancient days when people tied a bundle of clothes and necessities to travel.
Example: मी  कराच संपाक आवड्नात्र घान्तोड बांध . If you don't like my cooking, pack off!

चाडी सांगणा ...CHAADI SANGNA
Telling tales about somebody...squealing about somebody.

हाथ राखण ...HAATH RAAKHAN
Stand By for a rainy day or when needed. As in when going shopping we keep by some extra money just in case it is needed...Haath Rakhan asunde.

हाथ लांब ...HAATH LAAMB
This idiom has two uses:
1) A person who is given to stealing small things is referred to as Haath Laamb. It is used as in
जत्तन,  थीला हाथ लांब....Be careful, she is given to stealing.
2) Raising hand in beating or slapping easily. Used as in...
लेन्क्रावर सदा हाथ लांब करुको...Don't raise your hand on the child so much.

Hope you enjoyed these.... More later.


NAADI PHANAR literally means ' One who sees pulse'


  1. Here are a few I've heard in my own family circles:

    Tamda vinchoo (red scorpion): some who creates trouble by playing both sides,

    Paanint paajlaska (like farting in water): denoting someone who does a naughty thing quietly

  2. mangesh Sir DeshpandeOctober 15, 2011 at 4:18 AM

    khapat is KApat in marathi.-a very bad intention.ghanthod is GAA THO DA-it meanns -a bori bistar-in means -lock ,stock,and barrel-whatever one has,pack it,and get lost.tamdaa/tambadaa/has come from sanskrit TAMRA-copper,and hence RED.laal is also used.but it has its origin in RAKTA-blood-hence RED.Tamda vinchoo is used to denote that it will result in a bloody feud/fight/quarrel,because of a LAWALAWI.D and J,paaj becomes PAAD in marathi-a fart.

  3. anu naig,singaporeOctober 21, 2011 at 1:25 AM

    great.i enjot this ,very it up.also,now that this has Mr.mangesh,who is a linguist,we can also ask him difficult queries .

  4. Thanjavur Marathi is real Marathi.Prakrut Marathi.

    Marathi spoken these days in Maharashtra is Sinskritised and not orginal prakrut Marathi.
    See the difference
    Mangalsutra Dorla
    Dar,Dwar Kawad
    Khup Udand
    Dagad Dhonda

    Rajen Kanitkar

  5. Hi, I am a maharashtrain from Pune. Although I had heard about Tanjavur Maharashtrian community, It was fascinating to read about the languange preserved the way it was spoken few hundred years back. The words initially seem difficult to understand but with careful inspection can related them to marathi words easily. Khapat -> kapat (Plan with bad intentions) , Ghantod -> Cannot relate to marathi , Bandh -> Same in marathi pack off , Lekravar -> Lekare in marathi is children hence lekranvar is exactly as in marathi, Tamada -> Tambada which is red in marathi

    1. Welcome to my blog. KAPAT being in use is interesting and you gave a apt meaning to the idiom we use... Thila kapat nahi" which means 'she is simple and innocent! ' From your definition, I guess it originally meant " she does not have bad intention"

  6. There's another saying also in marathi:
    "panitach livun thivama"
    For eg:Aaj me kandipsi gharala ethon....And we say panitach livun thivama.Meaning we are not confirmed with what the person tells..

  7. Hehe.
    'Ghaati' as in cunning and calculating in a nasty way. Not flattering.

  8. We are using "Haath uncha" for describing those aggressive in beating (especially their children).